How important is lip care in winter? ❄️

How important is lip care in winter? ❄️

The days are getting shorter, the nights longer and the temperatures colder. Winter brings with it a number of difficulties. Our lips also suffer a lot on these cold days. They become chapped, pale and crack. We have some tips and tricks to keep your lips soft and supple in winter. 

It is important to know that our lips are very sensitive. There are many nerves in them. In addition, our lips are responsible for our facial expressions and are also an organ of touch. So our lips have a lot going for them!

❄️ Step 1- Scrub 

Everything old must go! In order to do something good for your lips, you should first free them from the old burdens. You can do this easily with a scrub. Our scrub removes all dead skin flakes with natural exfoliating particles made of sugar. It also contains shea butter, which leaves your lips feeling soft. 

❄️ Step 2 - Lip Mask 

Now that the lips are ideally prepared with the scrub, it's time for a proper moisture boost. Our Lip Mask contains many nutrients that are essential for supple lips. For example, the mask contains collagen, hyaluron, vitamin C and vitamin E. With enough moisture, your lips will no longer be tight and the cracks will be less.

❄️ Step 3 - Repair Oil 

Baby soft lips overnight! Our Repair Oil is known as a secret favourite. The feeling of an oil with a light consistency on the lips is simply priceless! You immediately notice how it does something good for your lips. It also smells deliciously like vanilla.
The next morning you can start the day with soft, supple lips.

In our bye bye dry lips bundle you'll find all three products at a reduced price. Say bye bye to pale and chapped lips!

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